iPad Repair with Fixit is quick and easy. Just drop off your Apple iPad at our Metairie, LA location and we’ll fix just about any problem you’re having. No appointment necessary, Lifetime Warranty!

iPad Repair Metairie, LA

Cracked screen repair is our most common service at Fixit in Metairie, but we fix almost any problem with your phone or tablet. Whether your iPad has a WiFi or Bluetooth issue, or a sticky or broken home button or power button, our capable technicians will take care of it. Power issues are also common. Fixit offers iPad battery replacement for any version of your iPad from the original to the Air.

  • We replace broken iPad 5 / 6/ 7 / 8 / 9th, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro Screens and LCD
  • Replace the battery and charging port
  • Replace faulty WiFi and Bluetooth components
  • Same-day service offered 
  • All iPad cracked screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty

We also fix errors and software glitches. Please call us at 504-309-4036 if your problem isn’t listed.

Get a Repair, Or Get a New iPad?

The iPad Air has aged very well and is worth getting repaired. If your iPad Air screen is cracked, but you have been happy with it up until the accident, it’s probably more cost effective to fix it as opposed to buying a new iPad Pro.  If you’re looking for a smaller form factor, it may be worth purchasing an iPad Mini, but many of our customers end up fixing their iPad Air cracked screen anyway and passing it on to another family member.

iPad Repair Metairie